Learn code.

About Us



bring coding opportunities to Pittsburgh schools


provide quality text-based coding curriculum anyone can use


after-school programs where local university students (from Carnegie Mellon) teach and mentor local 7th and 8th grade students

creating and providing what we discovered didn't exist anywhere else:

a free and open-source text-based coding curriculum that goes beyond just simple learning of code syntax

Our Principles


"This is cool."


"I can do this."


"I want to do more of this."

Student Quotes

"I kind of ruled out anything with coding as a future career before, but I am definitely interested in that field in the future."

"I loved this class so much because of the independence that came with it, and how the mentors just let us figure it out on our own."

"I always thought that coding was for boys, but doing this class made me realize that coding is for boys and girls and that I can code too and actually enjoy it."




Check out our Current Programs to see if there's a program near you.

Teacher or administrator?

See our Curriculum and Programs pages for more on our approach, and don't hesitate to contact us at cmu.teknowledge@gmail.com.

University student?

If you are interested in mentoring see our Current Programs page and then reach out to us at cmu.teknowledge@gmail.com.